Faith In Action

The GMUUC Faith in Action (FIA) Committee works upon injustices that effect equality and humanity (or the lack thereof).  Efforts used to draw attention to these injustices are made through uniting in solidarity either individually, or as part of a coalition in order to provide education, make a proclamation.

The members of the Faith in Action Committee represent their congregation in that they recognize that every human being has the right to dignity brought about through equitable standards enabling an individual to access basic economic needs, and to feel safe both physically and psychologically. 

The members of this committee are aware that there are many health related issues brought on as a result of varying socio-economic factors as well.  When you look at causes of violence and trauma, many times you stare in the face of poverty, racism, sexism, classism and a host of other factors.  It is because of these factors that equality of human beings and their civil rights lie at the basis of our concerns as individuals and a congregation.  We will constantly seek fairness in laws that are proposed, legislated and enacted to treat all people — regardless of ethnicity, gender, wealth, race, religion, or other factors — without exposure to prejudice, or ridicule.

Committee Membership

The Faith in Action Committee is a group of individuals from the congregation who work to keep the church connected to its community, regional, state, national and world events. As a group, we believe that your faith can only matter if its values are put into action – “Deeds, not Creeds!” We are proud to be Unitarian Universalists and together we choose to walk our talk! 

Faith in Action is currently supporting local groups and issues involving:

Civil Rights

  • Immigration/Doctrine of Discovery

  • Voting Rights

  • Wage Equality


  • Stand Your Ground Laws

Ways We Support Issues in Focus

  • Courageous Love Award: Recognizing community individuals, or groups in action

  • Book Study: Current issues in focus recommend books for study; suggested books include “The New Jim Crow” and “Behind the Kitchen Door”

  • Coordinating Sunday Services with 30 Days of Love / Justice Sunday/ UUSC programming

  • Coordinating Community Helping Place (CHP) food pantry donations once a month and delivery of them to CHP

  • Creation Wise Certification: part of a Green Sanctuary effort

  • Indigenous People’s Day and Supporting the Doctrine of Discovery

  • Coordinating Gold Rush Parade – every third full weekend in October – for community exposure

  • ESL (English as a Second Language) Classes in White County – which have individual volunteers at work from the Faith in Action Committee and has been adopted as a project for the Committee

Sunday Plate

Plate collections play an important part in raising the funds necessary to operate the church. The money collected on the third Sunday each month is donated to a regional non-profit organization whose mission is in line with our principles and values.

To learn more about the Faith in Action Committee and how you can get involved, please contact us.