Leadership Development

The Leadership Development Committee (LDC) works on a year-round basis to encourage volunteers. The LDC is an elected committee that is responsible for nominating candidates for Officers and Trustees-at-Large, delegates to the General Assembly and the Endowment Committee. Like the nominating committee, with which it is often paired, it sees the membership through the lens of potential leaders. It is also a morale-boosting group.

The LDC can function as a clearinghouse of information on what other committees do and what kinds of responsibilities are involved. This committee may coordinate the congregation’s committee fair as well.

Sometimes the committee provides leadership training on site or coordinates with other congregations for local or regional training. It also provides information about district training opportunities. Members of this committee act as a resource to other committees when they are having difficulties.

The LDC also makes recommendations to the Board of Trustees for candidates for membership on the Committee on Ministry and for committee chairmanships, and develops and implements means for identifying, cultivating, and developing leaders for the congregation.

To learn more about the Leadership Development Committee and how you can get involved, please 

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