What Do We Mean by Stewardship?

    Stewardship means caring for and carrying forward all the assets of our congregation that have been accumulated over two hundred years. These assets include our congregation’s history, its accomplishments, and its sense of religious purpose. Our assets also include our congregation’s building and its financial resources. Our assets also include the struggles, sacrifices, and devoted efforts of our congregation’s people as they created the religious community that we enjoy today.

    A sense of stewardship inspires us to be gratefully appreciative of what we have received from the generations that have preceded us. A sense of stewardship calls us to be generous in nurturing and sustaining the assets of our religious community in the present. And a sense of stewardship urges us to build on what we have received and make it even more abundantly available to the generations who will follow us.

   Yes, stewardship includes financial support. But stewardship also includes contributing to the life of our congregation by participating in a group, serving on a committee, assisting someone in need, and bringing the message and the spirit of our church into the larger community through acts of love, service, and justice.


To learn more about the Stewardship & Finance Committee and how you can get involved, please contact us.


    We began a planned giving or legacy program in 2017, which we are calling “Chalice Keepers”. Several members have named Georgia Mountains Unitarian Universalist Church as the beneficiary of a part of their retirement investments, their life insurance, or in their will. Member John Watkins in 2016 described succinctly the various vehicles for doing this in the first attachment below entitled “Types Of Gift Arrangements”.

    The UUA in 2017 announced a gift of $5Million to be used to stimulate the formation of Legacy Societies in all UU congregations. Churches of members pledging during the years 2017-19 will receive from the $5M an immediate return of 10% at the end of 2019.      That’s a bonus! No strings attached. If one’s situation changes in future years and their assets have diminished/vanished, no pay back to UUA is expected. We all do this in good faith that our UU faith will be multiplied many times over. Open attachments #2 thru 4 to explore what would work for you. Then go to Wake Now Our Vision at for the forms to pledge, and/or contact John Watkins.

    One person has commented, “I thought you had to be rich to participate in this. Now I realize all of us can, even with modest means.” A Chalice Keepers wall plaque noting contributors and those having made pledges will be developed, hopefully in 2018.