Chalica 2022 Resources



Date:  December 9,2022 - December 10th, 2022


Location:  Georgia Mountains Unitarian Universalist Church


Responsible Adults:  Chelsea Reid, Rev. Charlotte Arsenault, Gayle Gannaway, Denise Miles, Jennie Englis


Cost: Donation for pizza provided for dinner. 


Please bring: Blow-Up Mattress or Sleeping Mat, Sleeping Bag, Meds, Change of clothes, 

Comfort items, any other personal items parents deem necessary


Starting place and time: 7 PM, GMUUC

Pick up place and time: 8 AM, GMUUC


Dec. 9th-10th, 2022 

7pm- 8am

Complete consent forms and medication information. Medications should be given to Chaperone at Check-In with names clearly labeled. Exceptions are inhalers which the youth should keep with them. 


All participants must have a negative covid test 24 hours prior to event.


Big Four Rules - these are reviewed at beginning of event:


1. No sexual or exclusive behavior— only one person per blanket/sleeping bag. 

2. No violence – including play

3. No drugs, alcohol, or cigarettes

4. RESPECT each other, this space, and our Community!


Youth should not touch classroom supplies unless supervised by an adult. 


Nighttime Boundaries

Youth should not wander the building alone and no one should be outside unless the entire group goes outside.


OFF LIMITS AREAS after dark:  1) Playground 2)  Parking Lots , 3) Offices


  • All youth will sleep in the same room. 

  • There should be visible space between each sleeper. 

  • Youth should be respectful of one another and comply with Quiet Time. 

  • There will be one lamp left on in the room at all times.

  • Adults can rotate sleeping or each position themselves near the doors to the room (only if it is an enclosed room) so they may get some sleep. There should be two rovers (awake chaperones) present at all times.

  • Youth will need to be prepared to wake in the morning by 7:00 AM to help clean up room and clear out. 

  •  All belongings will need to be collected by youth no later than 8:00am. 


For questions, please call or text Chelsea Reid, 706.344.8160




Standard sleeping arrangements​

  • Youth and adults sleep in the same rooms, with at least two adults in each room of youth
  • Visible floor space between youth

  • No shared bedding and visible floor space between all sleepers

  • Youth covenant to sleep, the group sets a bedtime, and adults stay awake until youth go to bed.

  • Adults wake periodically at night to check on youth.

  • No shared bedding