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GMUUC Legacy Program:


    One person has commented, “I thought you had to be rich to participate in this. Now I realize all of us can, even with modest means.” A Chalice Keepers wall plaque noting contributors and those having made pledges will be developed, hopefully in 2018. GMUUC’s Chalice Keepers is a legacy giving program which allows contributors to ensure financial support for their most cherished values well into the future.  Legacy gifts support long-term GMUUC programs and projects that typically cannot be sustained through annual giving.  Near-term possibilities might be paying off a building loan, creating a memorial garden on our new property, or establishing a center devoted to the needs of LGBTQ+ youth.  


Fourteen members have been recognized as “Chalice Keepers” by making bequests to GMUUC as part of their estate plans.  Their names are listed in a plaque on the walls of our sanctuary. Would you like to be a Chalice Keeper?  For more information, contact John Watkins.

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