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Growth Through Service

Join with us as we discover fun ways to make friends, share our talents, or maybe even develop new skills, as we live our Mission.

Growth through Service is a pathway to service at GMUUC. It includes:

  • Conversations - What are your gifts and talents? Your interests for personal growth?

  •  Opportunities - What kinds of service are meaningful to you?   Are you interested in meeting other members and serving together to make a difference? 

  • Matching - Do you like to participate in one-time or ongoing service with others?  Our Growth through Service team works with committee chairs/team leaders, and staff, whether it’s for a one-time opportunity or a leadership role.


Volunteering our time and talents to support and nourish GMUUC can feed our own souls as we Inspire Connection, Advocate Love, Nurture Wonder, and Serve the World. It’s about living our faith, growing our spirituality through our service to others, and fulfilling our sense of caring, respect, commitment, and responsibility. 

Let’s get started …


Fill out the survey below to tell us about your skills, interests, and time availability.

If you prefer, you may contact the GTS Team HERE.

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