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Giving Changes Lives

'23/'24 Pledge Drive

Dear Members and Friends,


What a year it has been for Georgia Mountains Unitarian Universalist Church!  We moved into our beautiful new building, we began multi-platform worship in our sanctuary after more than two years of online worship, and we made the decision to bring Rev. Charlotte to full-time status.  


To date, thirty-three households have pledged more than $61,000 in one-time gifts to underwrite the first months of full-time ministry.  What an incredible display of generosity and show of support for full time ministry!  Now our challenge is to grow our annual support to a level that will allow us to sustain it.


With that goal in mind, we are kicking off our pledge drive for the next fiscal year (July 1, 2023 through June 30, 2024) and asking you to make a commitment to the financial health of the congregation.  Your pledge is a statement of intent of what you will give in 2023-24 and provides funding stability for GMUUC.  When we know our expected income, we can plan programs, staffing, and outreach realistically for the upcoming fiscal year. 


We are asking everyone to support GMUUC with a financial pledge as you are able. To aim higher, we need to dig deeper, and we are asking those who haven’t pledged to join us now in doing so, and we ask those that have previously pledged to increase their pledges, if possible.


Our church community touches our lives in so many ways:  from worship services and music, religious education, social and spiritual gatherings to outreach programs, social justice, and a caring network.

With Rev. Charlotte’s increased presence will come new or expanded programs like quarterly adult religious education, a revival of the interfaith group, new partnerships with organizations supporting our community, and more, which will help change lives in north Georgia and beyond.


Please pledge generously but responsibly, knowing that if your circumstances change, you can adjust your pledge.

You can submit your pledge commitment in a few different ways:

  1. Submit your pledge using the Online Form below. 

  2. Print the form HERE and mail it to 3155 Morrison Moore Pkwy East, Dahlonega, GA  30533. 

  3. OR deliver your pledge to a member of the Stewardship Team.


As always, thank you for your generosity.


The GMUUC Stewardship Team

  Gayle Gannaway, Chair

  Burger Vaughan

  Denise Miles



What Do We Mean by Stewardship?

    Stewardship means caring for and carrying forward all the assets of our congregation that have been accumulated over many years. These assets include our congregation’s history, its accomplishments, and its sense of religious purpose. Our assets also include our congregation’s building and its financial resources. Our assets also include the struggles, sacrifices, and devoted efforts of our congregation’s people as they created the religious community that we enjoy today.

    A sense of stewardship inspires us to be gratefully appreciative of what we have received from the generations that have preceded us. A sense of stewardship calls us to be generous in nurturing and sustaining the assets of our religious community in the present. And a sense of stewardship urges us to build on what we have received and make it even more abundantly available to the generations who will follow us.

   Yes, stewardship includes financial support. But stewardship also includes contributing to the life of our congregation by participating in a group, serving on a committee, assisting someone in need, and bringing the message and the spirit of our church into the larger community through acts of love, service, and justice.


To learn more about the Stewardship & Finance Committee and how you can get involved, please contact us.

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