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pproved by the Board April 20, 2023

Georgia Mountains Unitarian Universalist Church is pleased to consider renting our
facility to non-profit organizations and individuals who share our values and Principles.
There are seven principles that Unitarian Universalist congregations affirm and promote:

● The inherent worth and dignity of every person;
● Justice, equity, and compassion in human relations;

● Acceptance of one another and encouragement to spiritual growth in our
● A free and responsible search for truth and meaning;
● The right of conscience and the use of the democratic process within our
congregations and society at large;
● The goal of world with peace, liberty, and justice for all;
● Respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part.


We do not rent our facilities for political rallies or debates. Exceptions will be made for
political organizing and planning provided the groups follow all the rules of the third-
party rental policy.

Additionally, any events requiring officiation from any clergy will be reviewed and
approved by the minister.

General Policies & Definitions

Two Spaces are Available for Reservation and/or Rental:

  • Event Space:  Collectively the Sanctuary & Stage, Community Room & Kitchen.

    • ‘Events’ are defined as Reservations or Rentals that use the Event Space and serve food and/or drink.

  • Conference Room.

  • Restrooms, Parking Lot & Front Porch are included as part of either space for Reservations or Rentals.

  • Reservation of Childrens’ Classrooms, the Nursery or other spaces will be arranged on a case by case basis by the Building Administrator.


Event Rentals include use of existing tablecloths, kitchen utensils, flatware, serving pieces, plates & glasses.

Beer and wine only.  No sale of any alcoholic beverages.


No open flame candles or lamps are permitted. 


Unless an exception is granted by the Building Administrator, Reservations or Rentals will not be permitted during The Little Valley Montessori school hours (8:00 AM-5:30 PM, M-F).


Use of Classrooms or the Nursery for childcare during a Reservation or Rental requires scheduling with the Building Administrator.  

  • Facility Users will agree to having an individual dedicated to child supervision while children are in those spaces.  

  • Facility Users assume all liability when using Classrooms and the Nursery and agree to pay for replacement and repair as necessary if items are damaged during their use.


Facility Users will be granted a one-time use magnetic door lock code for their meeting or event as appropriate.


A list of GMUUC contacts will be provided in the event of a problem or question.


The Standard Reservation and/or Rental agreement will include the fees, a list of set-up & tear-down requirements and instructions (see next), waiver of liability, penalties for damage or non-compliance, etc. 

Set-up, Tear-down & Clean-up Requirements

for all Facility Users

Before the meeting or event Facility Users are responsible for:

Setting the space up for their event with folding tables and chairs as required for their meeting or event.

  • Folding tables and chairs are in the Storage Closet.

    • Storage room chairs should be used at tables when food and/or drink are involved.

    • Beige Sanctuary chairs shall not be used at tables when food or drink is served.

    • Beige Sanctuary chairs may be stacked against each side Sanctuary wall to make floor space for tables and storage room chairs as needed.

    • Tablecloth location will be designated in the instru

After the meeting or event Facility Users must:

  • Return folding tables and chairs to the Storage Closet as described in the diagram on the inside wall of the Storage Closet.

  • Put beige Sanctuary chairs back into rows as described in the diagram on the inside wall of the Storage Closet.

  • Return the stage to its original layout.

  • Put dIrty tablecloths in the laundry machine in the Family Restroom (do not run the load).

  • Sweep the floors with dust mops in the Janitor’s closet.  The Dyson vacuum or a dust pan can be used to sweep up the accumulation of debris.



  • All food scraps or used materials shall be placed in garbage bags in the trash cans.

    • When cleaning is complete, deposit garbage bags in the trash cans at the driveway entrance.

    • Place new bags in the trash cans.

  • All dishes, glasses, flatware and serving pieces shall be washed either by hand or in the dishwashing machine.

  • All leftover food items shall be removed.

  • Floor shall be vacuumed with the Dyson in the janitor’s closet.


After the meeting or event, it is the user’s responsibility to leave the Facility as it was found.


Report any problems, issues or damage to the Building Administrator immediately after the reservation or rental event. 

Restroom information: 

Our main sanctuary restroom facilities offer two separate restrooms, each with gender neutral signage and equipped with two full stalls, including one wheelchair-accessible stall.


Additionally, along the hallway, we have a third private restroom also with gender-neutral signage. 

As part of our dedication to inclusivity, gender-specific signage for the restrooms is available for your event upon request.

Event Space

AV Rules

AV equipment (TVs, Mics, Sound Board, Receivers, Speakers, etc.) operation in the Sanctuary and Community Room is restricted to designated members of GMUUC’s Tech Team.

  • The Building Administrator will coordinate with the Tech Team chair on scheduling availability before confirming AV rental.

  • Renters may bring their own portable amplification equipment.

    • No outdoor amplification.

    • GMUUC’s WiFi is not available for rental use.

    • No integration with GMUUC’s AV equipment.

Event Space AV Fees – including AV operator during event

AV Fees are in addition to Reservation or Rental Fees.

  • $150 Up to two hours, including time for set-up and tear-down.

  • $50/hour starting with hour three, rounded up to the next half-hour, including tear-down.

  • $50 Event Recording (if requested and possible)  


Except as otherwise waived by the Board or the Building Administrator, AV fees are the same for Members, Non-members, Designated Partners, Non-profits or 3rd Parties. 


Fees apply to any Reservation or Event where such services are requested except for Memorial Services for Members, members’ spouse or their children, where AV services will be provided at no charge.  


Events receiving Board fee waivers:  Auction, BINGO, GMUUC Sponsored Events for Members and/or the wider community, etc.

Reservation Priorities and Event Rental Fees by Group Type

Fees for any Reservation or Event may be modified or waived by the Minister due to financial hardship.

Worship Related Activities

Sunday Worship, Holiday or special event services (if so designated by the Minister) for the GMUUC Community have first priority in the use of all building spaces

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