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Unitarian Universalist Governance 

In the Unitarian Universalist (UU) religious organization, members of the congregation serve as the governing body along the with the ministry.  The governing body articulates the mission, selects strategies for accomplishing the mission and ensures that people and property are used appropriately* Ministry includes everything the congregation’s daily working activities including what to do and how to do it.  The UU Minister serves the ministerial needs of the congregation, as educator, advocate and activist in congregational settings and in the community at large. While there is an external organization called the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) with which congregations are associated, there is no outside authority such as a Bishop or Cardinal to direct the affairs of the congregation externally.  These activities are carried out by members of the congregation.

President and President-Elect:

GMUUC has a President and a President-Elect.  The President is the principal executive officer and presides at the Board and business meetings of the membership.  The President-elect presides in the absence of the President and performs other duties as requested by the Board.   The President-Elect becomes the President at the end of the annual term served by the President.  

Board of Trustees:

The governing body of Georgia Mountains Unitarian Universalist Church (GMUUC) is a Board of Trustees that has consists of the President, President-Elect, and 8 congregational board members.  Four members and a President-Elect are elected each year at the annual membership meeting.  Officers elected annually by the Board include a Recording Secretary who is responsible for minutes of all membership meetings and Board meetings and maintains the official membership records that are reported annually to the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA).  The Boards elects a Treasurer who is responsible for establishing the accounting procedures for all financial activities, maintains the bank account and authorizes the bills paid, signs all checks and prepares monthly financial statements for the Board and membership.

Standing Committees:

Two Standing Committees assist the Board by gathering information, drafting policy and reporting to the Board.  The two standing committees are Leadership Development and Finance.  The Leadership Development Committee has four members plus the immediate past-President.   The Committee’s primary responsibilities are to seek and nominate candidates for President-Elect, Board and members of the Leadership Development Committee.  In addition, the Committee is to promote leadership opportunities throughout the Congregation.    The Finance Committee shall plan for a sustainable future for the Congregation, by monitoring trends in income and expenses, recommending budget amendments, financial policies and procedures to the Board.

GMUUC Teams:

Much of the work of the Church is accomplished through the work of staff and volunteers organized into teams that are responsible for programs and activities in support of the Church mission.  These may include Sunday Worship Services, pastoral care, building and grounds, social justice causes and communication within the Church and beyond.  The work of the teams is coordinated with the current Strategic Plan, the GMUUC Bylaws, the Minister and paid staff.  Membership on the teams will be fluid, but each team will have a designated leader who is a member of GMUUC.  A Ministerial Advisory Team serve as support for the Minister.

*Notes are from the GMUUC current Bylaws, adopted May 28, 2023.

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